Teeth whitening | Waterpik | Dental insurance california

Teeth whitening | Waterpik | Dental insurance california

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  • Son he he couldn’t identify activator X so he  was identifying three factors in the diet.
  • Vitamin A vitamin D and activator X that when every traditional side made sure.

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  • You when they eat these three vitamins their faces grow well and  that’s as simple as he .
  • Put it but but now we’ve got the science to plug it in exactly what’s happening.
  • There we know craniofacial growth is related to  our facial structures and and.
  • How why that relates to for instance Airways and what happens since we can now .
  • intervene in that process but the nutritional plug  in and the k story I think is really.
  • Kind of so he called activated X’s that other key factor he didn’t he died before.

He identified it vitamin k and I think.


  • That the result he’s worth being lost for to years yeah yeah I agree I mean the amazing.
  • Thing about that his work in that book is that you don’t see these changes happening.
  • Over you know a hundred years when people  switch from a traditional diet to a modern diet you see them in a single generation.
  • I mean he even has pictures of people living in following a traditional diet lifestyle and.
  • Then the next generation that has you know moved and started to adopt a