Why You Never See Dental PPO Insurance That Actually Works

If you’re doing a start-up practice most the time you Dental PPO Insurance know that process takes you know six months to a year to get you know from  the time you say I’m going to open the start up practice to the time that you  are you know open the doors that’s if you’re lucky obviously acquisitions though can take can be a lot faster  sometimes like we had one that you know a dentist had passed away and the opportunity came up for one of our buyers and they came in they bought the  practice and they were in within you know days what are you doing those cases

I mean is there a way to for them to be able to use the prior dot’s credentialing and  it’s not that the good good question and we often hear we often hear sometimes oh we’re going to especially if we’re brought in very late in the game and when we say late in  the game you know we understand acquisitions are happening all the time and sometimes the credentialing aspect of that acquisition is not necessarily put at the front of the line and kind of  in their minds I think it’s one of the last things they do but everybody needs to understand that it’s going to take that easy to days for it to to take effect for that practice it doesn’t matter.

If it’s an acquisition or startup  the time frame is primarily the same so so if a particular in an individual dentist is aware that hey we’re going to close on June th just know that we want to we want to understand that the time frame should go back at least days for them to know that they’re going  to be credentialed by day one when those doors open the problem