How To Get Dental Insurance Georgia

Dental Insurance Georgia rating and this is really what brand is now locally it’s your trust factor plus your reputation¬† Dental Insurance Georgia¬†.

that is your brand it’s not your logo it’s not your building it’s your local reputation and your trust factor

that is a brand for any local business be a dentist cosmetic surgeon or an auto mechanic all right if that’s what it’s all about that and number three y

ou need to understand consumer behavior and the selection process how they actually use search to find what they want and what keywords they use

to find what they need okay so what we’re going to be actually discussing today is search engine visibility and search engine behavior how the consumer uses it to find what they need here we go now what I’m going to

be doing for this portion of this is I’m actually going to be going into Google actually took them looking at keywords so let me get money I did another

screen here so it fit in my video are you down up there we go then let me get it down there and I can see my surgeon all right this is a search term and

dentist seattle and you can see it has a million results but let’s talk about the search term when i talk to a dental client and we’re talking about keywords i

got to be listed for dentist I got to be under dentist and actually no you don’t dennis is one of the worst keywords you to shoot for I’m going to tell you

what the term dentist has absolutely no intent it is not a buying keyboard and it’s too broad and once people put it in they typically refine your search

to go find something different okay so if I just punch it dentist now I’m not in Seattle well actually