The Best Dental Insurance Plan in Georgia

Dental Insurance Georgia because god dammit there’s so much in store for us in we’re gonna do this together Dental Insurance Georgia.

Dental Insurance Georgia
Dental Insurance Georgia

We’re gonna grow together every freaking day make it happen let’s grow together let’s play together let’s boss out together and let’s just be alphas together I love you guys .

I will see you guys on Tuesday la experience with getting my wisdom teeth pulled as you can see I’m talking funny and I have a fat cheek ends a little chubby down here.

I’m not totally healed but I really wanted to make this video while it was still fresh in my mind and I know this is a beauty channel and obviously it’s going to be a little disturbing and graphic so .

if you don’t want to watch it you don’t have to I am just putting this on here for people who are getting their wisdom teeth removed as to kind of what to expect and some things .

that have helped me um right now it’s officially been five days since I had my wisdom teeth poles and everyone’s experience is different as you can see I’m still pretty puffy on one side of .

my face and a little down here so um it was it was it was a difficult extraction that’s for sure okay so first of all um what I want to say is um I came into .

thinking getting my wisdom teeth pulled was going to be a piece of cake because my husband had it done his sister had it done and his mom they were all telling me about their stories but none of them had impacted wisdom teeth so .

I couldn’t totally go by that um my wisdom teeth on the bottom were bone impacted wisdom teeth which means there was a piece of bone covering a remainder of.