dental insurance coverage plans | Dental Helps

dental insurance coverage plans | Dental Helps

when I look at a business dental insurance coverage plans  across the street from me it’s got like  ten employees or twenty employees are you gonna find millions of people well dental insurance coverage plans  earlier in the presentation we talked about these companies.

dental insurance coverage plans

call third dentalplans party administrators these are  people who basically manage benefit programs dentistry insurance for millions of people in if they’re large or hundreds of thousands  of people if  dentalplans they’re small employers have been

paying these dental cover people they’re licensed by the State Department of Insurance in Texas California New York   dentistry insurance New Jersey wherever your practice happens to be and they’ve been collecting money from those

employees for decades so they have the got this money for decades and they have a duty a  fiduciary duty  dentalplans to go back to employers and say to these guys hey here is a way to save money here is a way to

control costs they’re in a world right now where dental premiums have gone up by six  percent a year on average for thirty years six percent on average often ten twelve percent they’re in a world

where the claim cap for dental coverage has been eleven hundred to fifteen hundred dollars flat for thirty  dental cover years how do you  think they feel if they have an opportunity to go back to an employer

and say rather than raising our premiums by six percent we actually have an ability to flatline them or worse dentalplans decrease them better actually decrease them and keep

them  decreased for five years so two dental insurance coverage plans  at EPA this is a huge huge opportunity second thing for a TPA third-party administrator is look in