How To Learn Dental insurance california

How To Learn Dental insurance California

during the day a  Dental insurance California little bit it helps to reduce that acid so one of the ways I said mechanically is the only way to remove that play as to remove that spinner from your arm so Dental insurance California brushing for how long two minutes that’s.

 it and after any ones that were staring the Meredith themselves for two, it’s a long time it takes some time to get in there and brush and brush if you’re looking at yourself enough time I myself several times it even.

Dental insurance california

I catch myself be dental insurance coverage plans surprised to see how long minutes is when my kids aren’t bothering me nervous I’m just standing there and doing it correctly okay so what time yourself try the two minutes in the morning and at.

night and you’ll be surprised how long two minutes is that how fast we usually press them mentally we’re brushing for only about seconds that’s what they say so practice get a timer tie yourself and it’s.

minutes is a long time there okay which is what type of toothbrush to use of mechanical a regular toothbrush they all weigh okay everything works you just have to use it obviously its cost dependent I always recommend.

a one dollar toothbrush works just as well as an in dollars rest of the store and time yourself like I said teen years you learn either time around okay so we talked about a little bit about brushing how does how do you.

get cavities does anybody know is it just you eat candy in the candy rancher to know we all have bacteria in our mouths so when you eat that food you didn’t brush that plaque away that plaque is now left behind.

right when that plaque is left behind well we have bacteria in our mouth what does that bacteria do it eats that food that you that that’s left behind and it starts to produce an acid what does that acid do then acid.

is what starts that  Dental insurance California cabbage it starts to wear down your tooth it stats to put up literally a hole in your teeth that’s what a cavity is okay it does it happens to adults it happens to kids what’s the difference between adult teeth and kids teeth nothing it’s just physically.