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Full coverage dental insurance quotes In the next section, it is only a member of the general dentist. The views in the text only represent individuals and are for reference only.

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Improvement of health awareness, more and of public health work, but on the whole, the incidence of oral diseases in our country is still very high.

According to the results of the third national oral health epidemiological survey, the prevalence of dental caries in China’s 5-year-old children, 12-year-old children, 35-44 age group, and 65-74 age group was 66.0%, 28.9%, and 88.1%, respectively.

Moreover, 98.4%. Among them, the untreated rate was as high as 97.1%, 88.9%, 80.1% and 92.1%, respectively.

It can be seen that the oral health problems of Chinese people are not optimistic at present.

It is understood that 56% of the population in the United States currently has dental insurance, and half of the $87 billion in annual dental treatment costs are paid by insurance companies, which is in stark contrast to China. To protect your teeth, buying a high-end insurance plan that covers dental care is a great option.