The Best dental insurance for seniors

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Best dental insurance for seniors  The more detailed you will find out the business model of the clinic, the faster and more accurately you can make decisions about choosing a room, buying equipment and hiring staff.

  • An assortment of services and pricing order
  • Functions and job descriptions of employees
  • Models of calculation of wages
  • Workflow technologies
  • Order of patient care

For example, you decide on the choice of equipment. How much should I spend? Solving this issue without creating a business model is meaningless. If you make a clinic of the premium segment, then you do not want to consider cheap equipment.

Moreover, conversely, when opening a small office, it makes no sense to spend money on luxury equipment.


The Best dental insurance for seniors
The Best dental insurance for seniors

If you hire staff but do not prescribe clear job descriptions, then you will come across that nobody will do unpleasant things. If you do not have accurate and timely reporting, this will lead to unaccounted expenses and can negate all profits.

When building a business model, you need to decide on the following questions:

  • Number of offices
  • Price segment
  • List of dental services
  • Distinctive features of your clinic

Number of offices

According to the number of offices, the clinics are divided into:

  • Mini-clinics (1-2 rooms)
  • Clinic full cycle (3-5 cabinets)
  • Specialized clinic (3-5 councils)
  • Universal clinic (more than five rooms)
  • Clinic network


More than half of the existing dental clinics consist of one or two classrooms that are huddled in small rooms on the ground floors of residential buildings.